Carl and Cindy: Yin Yang in Food Photography



Yin Yang is a kind of logic that views things in relation to its whole. This is what guides Carl and Cindy's professional collaboration: they create a bond between composition, light, and food to tap into a viewer's imagination and taste buds. 

Carl is a consummate photographer. He operated a successful photo studio in New York City during the 1980's and shot over 300 book covers for major publishing houses along with product and portrait photography. His love of food led him to start an ice cream company in Connecticut where he also marketed specialty foods. He also attended the CIA at Hyde Park, N.Y. for, “The Short Course.”  

The essence of Cindy's food styling craft---and art---comes from a rich culinary background as a chef on a private yacht, restaurant manager, caterer and a childhood "always around food." Her grandfather owned a bakery and her father a grocery store and meat market. Cindy's attention to detail seduces the subtle power of the shot straight to the photographer's lens. 

Let's Work Together  

Carl and Cindy fully embrace the fact that excellent food photography is one of the keys to successful food marketing. They know how to make images that inspire confidence in products and visually motivate customers. Their creativity is nurtured by a keen understanding of what their client needs to capture the shot that tells the perfect story. 

As successful entrepreneurs, Carl and Cindy thrive on creative collaboration and love the synergy that is the heart and soul of a successful photo shoot.  

Share their philosophy of artistic sensibility and teamwork and consult with them about your next photography project. Be prepared for some delicious photography.